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👋 Hello, and welcome!

I'm Lorenzo, you probably know me as kelset (twitter, github, website). I'm a Senior Sofware Engineer at Microsoft and an Open Source maintainer for React Native.

Over the years I've kept a document with everything I could find related to the topic of performances in React Native. Now, I'm dusting it off a bit and turning into a public resource, hoping that it will at least save you some time in trying to understand how to make your mobile app more performant.

What you have here is a Notion page with two main sections: the library of links, grossly divided in categories of resources I've found useful in the past, and my old notes, from a time when I was actually taking notes during a performance spike with the idea of potentially turning them into a blog post (oh silly me).

It's meant to be an alive document, so it's probably better for you to just bookmark it and come back from time to time 😉

<aside> 💡 Because of the nature of this compendium, it's likely that some things will be outdated/not very useful anymore. If that's the case, please leave a comment into this github issue. You can also leave other kinds of feedback there! Did you like this board? Any suggestions on how to make it better? Write it there.


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✒️My old notes

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