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👋 Hello, and welcome!

🐦 twitter accounts

There are many more accounts worth mentioning, so the sake of convenience I made a 👉Twitter list 👈 you can simply follow.

twitter communities

⚠️ I’m having a hard time finding alternatives to twitter when it comes to tech, but if you have some good Mastodon or other accounts you follow, please let me know!

🕳 subreddits

🎙 podcasts

✍️ blog platforms

(links are to the tags “react-native”)

🧑‍🏫 conferences

📚 learning resources

🗂 linkedin groups

(does anyone actually use them to connect with other devs? if you have a good experience with these, let me know - from my experience they are quite full of spam)

📨 newsletters

📹 youtube channels

💬 discords and slacks

🌍 open source apps

🥽 “everything else” section

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